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From heat retention to cooking, HOTTOP and HOTTOP PAN help you maintain your health


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Examples of using HOTTOP

If you want to keep drinking warm coffee or green tea, just place the drink on HOTTOP. Then, you can enjoy a warm drink when you please.
If you want to heat and take oriental medicine or a healthy beverage, just place it on HOTTOP to keep it warm without the need to boil water or worry about electronic waves.
When you eat soup, meat, or roasted food, just place it on HOTTOP so that it is not cooled while you are eating.

Enjoy warm water just by placing a cup of cold water on HOTTOP. No need to worry about electric charges! Super energy-saving and highly-efficient product with monthly electric charges for hundreds of won.


HOTTOP(Mug Warmer) Specifications
HOTTOP(Mug Warmer) Specifications
Model AC220V Type
Size Dia. 120mm*Height 25mm
Power Supply AC 220V power code
Input AC 220C, 50/60Hz
Output 24W

Prouct Detail

HOTTOP(Mug Warmer) Detail

How to use

  1. How to use 1Take the protective vinyl off the hot pad mounted on the HOTTOP body.
  2. How to use 2Insert the AC power cord into a power outlet.
  3. How to use 3Place your mug on the hot pad.
  4. How to use 4If you press the Power ON/OFF switch, then the LED lamp will turn on, indicating that power is being supplied. (Power is supplied when the LED lamp is on.)
  5. How to use 5When the power is on, the heating plate is heated, and the heat is transferred to your mug or bowl through the hot pad. Thus, heat in your mug is retained.
  6. How to use 6If you aren’t using your mug or your mug is empty, then press the Power ON/OFF switch to turn the power off. (When power is not supplied to HOTTOP, the LED lamp is off.)

Advantages of using HOTTOP

Enjoy warm coffee, green tea, and food anytime!
HOTTOP always keeps your drink warm, regardless of the shape of your mug.
Good for sick people
Enjoying warm drinks helps strengthen your immunity and recover from illnesses more quickly.
Good for test-takers
Keeping warm improves your blood circulation, and thus helps your memory and concentration.
Good for housewives
By using HOTTOP, your family can enjoy warm and delicious food that you made with care.
Good for your diet
If you enjoy drinking warm water, then this is good for constipation as well as your diet since warm drinks activate intestinal activity.
Good to use as a gift for your business partner
Your business partner will always remember your company whenever he or she uses HOTTOP.

Merits of HOTTOP

  • Beverages such as coffee or green tea in a mug are cooled and become less delicious as time passes. However, HOTTOP keeps the beverage at a temperature of about 60℃, so you can enjoy the beverage as it was meant to be tasted.
  • When you drink oriental medicine or a healthy beverage, you can just pour it in a mug without having to boil water and worrying about electromagnetic waves. Within a certain period of time, the beverage will be at a warm temperature and become good to drink.
  • Put your ordinary beverage (barley tea, cassia seed tea, etc.) in a tea pot, and place it on HOTTOP. This causes a pasteurization effect (60~64℃) so that beverage will not spoil for a long period of time. You can then go ahead and drink it at your leisure.
  • A specially-manufactured hot pad will apply heat to a mug or bowl and maintain a warm temperature for its contents, regardless of a size and shape of the mug or bowl.
  • Even when cold water is poured in a mug, HOTTOP can heat it until it is warm water (at a temperature of about 60℃).


In case when exchange or refund is available
  1. 1.If a product is defective, then the product may be exchanged with a new one within 7 days after the product is received.
  2. 2.Exchange or refund shall be made within 7 days after the product is received, and the product shall be returned in its original state and composition.
In case when exchange or refund is not available
  1. 1.If the packaging of the product is opened, then the product cannot be resold. Accordingly, the product shall not be returned or exchanged.
  2. 2.If you dropped the product or subjected it to strong shock, thus damaging the product, then the product cannot be returned or exchanged.
  3. 3.If you just changed your mind about owning the product, then the product cannot be refunded.
  4. 4.If a value of the product has remarkably deteriorated due to elapsed time and thus the product cannot be resold, then the product cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  5. 5.Consult a person in charge with regard to exchange or refund first before sending the product. (If you send the product without consultation with a person in charge, then the product cannot be exchanged or refunded.)
Repair for defects (A/S)
  1. 1.The manufacturer will provide A/S service for all products that you purchased.
  2. 2.If a product is out-of-order within one year after you purchased the product, then A/S service will be provided free of charge (the delivery cost shall be borne by the customer).
  3. 3.If a product is out-of-order in one year after you purchased the product, then A/S service will be provided, and the round-trip delivery cost and part repairing cost will be borne by the customer.


cautionsWhen the power is on, the temperature of the hot pad and the heating plate reaches 100℃. Never directly touch or come in contact the product with any part of your body, especially your hands. After the power is turned off, do not touch the product for a while since heat may remain on the heating plate.

cautionsThis product should be kept out of reach from elementary school students or younger children.

cautionsIf you spill water on the product, wipe the water off with a dry cloth or tissue.

cautionsIf you dropped the product or subjected it to strong shock, then the product may be damaged or out-of-order. Please be careful while moving the product.

cautionsIf the hot pad is removed from the HOTTOP body, then product performance may be deteriorated. Please remove only the vinyl cover from the hot pad before use.

cautionsWhen you use HOTTOP, the hot pad may slightly swell up. This occurs when air between the hot pad and the heating pad is heated and expanded, and it does not affect the product’s performance or safety. (If the hot pad excessively swells up, then remove the hot pad (which is detachable) while you are not using HOTTOP. Then, place the hot pad on HOTTOP from the center part of the hot pad to remove the air. This prevents the hot pad from swelling up.)

cautionsNever remove the silicon ring from the HOTTOP body. The silicon ring is a necessary part for the safety and effective performance of HOTTOP.

cautionsNever disassemble HOTTOP. If you disassemble and reassemble the HOTTOP body, then this may affect HOTTOP’s safety and performance.