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From heat retention to cooking, HOTTOP and HOTTOP PAN help you maintain your health


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Example of using HOTTOP PAN

Metal container
Metal container


Ceramic glass
Ceramic glass

Works with several sorts of pots! No harmful gas, in safety from fire!


HOTTOP PAN Specifications
Model HTP-AC220 or HTP-DC24
Size Depth : 200mm * Width : 200mm
Height : 49mm
Power AC Type AC220V, 60Hz, Max.70W power code
DC Type DC24V, 3A, Max.70W Adaptor or rechargeable battery

Prouct Detail

How to use

  1. How to use 1Power function
    - Consists of the product power switch and the cooking switch.
  2. How to use 2Cooking level adjustment function
    - You can adjust the cooking level (from Level 1 to 3).
  3. How to use 3Time setting function : You can set the time if constant cooking is necessary.
    - Constant cooking for *** hours at maximum (for example, steamed dish or soup)
  4. How to use 4Automatic power off function : Prevents safety accidents when device is not in cooking state
    - Automatic power off when two hours elapse after the cooking switch is operated
  5. How to use 5Children protection function
    - Safety device for protecting children
  6. How to use 6Indicator lamp of the upper plate temperature
    - LED lights on when the temperature of the upper heater exceeds ***℃.
  7. How to use 7Overheating prevention function
    - Built-in overheating prevention sensor
  8. How to use 8Overvoltage/overcurrent protection function

Merits of HOTTOP PAN

  • Less energy required due to high heat efficiency.
  • Designed to have a low height for a highly-efficient safety design and convenient use.
  • Touch-type operation for easy use.
  • Simple operation.
  • Time adjustment function allows setting longer cooking times.
  • Automatic OFF function in case device is no longer in for the prevention of safety accidents.


cautionsDo not come into contact with the upper plate or place a foreign material on the upper plate during cooking or right after cooking is finished!
(The temperature indicating LED is on when the temperature of the cooking part of the upper plate reaches up to ***℃ or the temperature of the upper plate exceeds ***℃.)

cautionsKeep children away from the product.
- This product has a safety function for protecting children, but you should still take measures to prevent any possible accidents.

cautionsTurn the product power switch off if the product is not in use for a long period of time.

cautionsDo not drop the product or subject it to shock. The product may be damaged or a safety accident may

cautionsDo not install the product in a highly damp place.

cautionsClean the upper plate after the temperature indicating LED on the upper plate is off. Slightly dampen a dry cloth, and then remove and wipe the water from the product as much as possible.