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Example of using CAR HOTTOP

Keep your take-out coffee warm!

Can beverage
You can also drink canned beverages warm!

Baby formula milk bottle
Baby formula milk can also be kept warm!

Coffee in paper cups and canned beverages can be kept warm! Baby formula can be kept warm in the vehicle! Drink a warm beverage whenever you want! Various cups may be used regardless of material (except for plastic).


Car HOTTOP(Warmer in a car) Specifications
Model CAR-HT-DC12
Size Height : 80mm * Width 100mm
Hole : Upper Dia. 74mm
Hole Upper Dia. 74mm
Bottom Holder Dia. 64mm
Power 12V, Power Jack

Prouct Detail

How to use

  1. How to use 1Insert CAR HOTTOP into the beverage holder of your car.
  2. How to use 2Connect the power line of the CAR HOTTOP body to the power jack.
  3. How to use 3Place the beverage container into the HOTTOP holder.
  4. How to use 4Press the Power switch of the cigar jack. When the LED is on, power is being supplied to the HOTTOP.
  5. How to use 5If CAR HOTTOP is not in use, then adjust the power switch to turn the LED off, so that power is not supplied to CAR HOTTOP.

Advantages of using CAR HOTTOP

Good for vehicle drivers
Drivers can enjoy warm water and other drinks anytime.
Good for vehicle passengers
Passengers can also drink warm beverages.
Good for babies
CAR HOTTOP can warm formula for babies.

Merits of CAR HOTTOP

  • Any cup of any material except for plastic can be placed on the CAR HOTTOP holder. (Plastic baby milk bottles cannot be used, but polycarbonate is fine).
  • No worries about electric charges. The vehicle’s cigar lighter outlet is used.
  • Since the power consumption of CAR HOTTOP is 24W, it does not draw excessive power from the vehicle.


cautionsWhen CAR HOTTOP is not in use, turn the power off.

cautionsDo not insert your hand or foreign substances inside the CAR HOTTOP holder.
While you are using CAR HOTTOP, the beverage cup support inside the holder may reach a temperature of about 90℃. Therefore, avoid coming in direct contact with that part to prevent physical harm to your body.

cautionsDo not pour water inside the CAR HOTTOP holder as this may cause CAR HOTTOP to malfunction.
If you have spilt water inside the CAR HOTTOP holder, then turn the Power switch off.

cautionsWhile the vehicle is moving, do not operate CAR HOTTOP. Operate CAR HOTTOP before you start driving the vehicle.

cautionsPlease be careful so that children do not touch the product.

cautionsDo not remove the hot pad inside CAR HOTTOP. This may cause a serious problem in the safety and performance of the product.

cautionsDo not disassemble CAR HOTTOP. This may cause a serious problem in the safety and performance of the product.

cautionsDo not drop CAR HOTTOP or subject it to shock as this may cause it to malfunction.